Foot Care You Can Trust.

1 Pair Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks

Remove calluses with ease using our silicone gel lined heel socks today.

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1 Pair Heel Socks & Hydrating Foot Cream

Let's get your feet back to soft. Apply our cream and slip on your socks for an effortless callus removal routine.

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3 Pairs Gel Heel Socks, Foot File and Hydrating Foot Cream

File, apply cream, and slip on your gel heel socks. Repeat this routine for one week and your feet will be looking softer and nourished.

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Foot Basin with Foot Soak, Cream, Pumices, File and Heel Socks

This is the one stop ultimate foot care bundle. Soak your feet in our tea tree oil foot soak using the included basin, then pamper away using your pumice, file, cream and moisturizing heel socks.

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